Reeve multi-purpose pontoons have been designed to last. Moulded in one piece from UV stabilised polyethylene they will not rust, leak or crack and will provide a reliable floating platform for your valuable equipment that will last for years.

Pontoons are an ideal way to mount a pump on a dam where mounting the pump to a fixed point is not feasible as the water moves away from the bank as level drops, eventually leaving the pump out of the water. When used with a vertical pump they also ensure the inlet is always flooded and fully primed ready for pumping.


The Reeve Pond Pontoon is was designed to hold a Reeve VC pump at one end while leaving an opening for the pump to swing up for inspection and service without removing it from the pontoon. The robust galvanised frame has mounts that allow mounting of Reeve VC pumps with a simple 4 bolt connection. The mount design also allows easy mounting of stirrers and other equipment to the pontoon. The low profile design ensures maximum stability and protection for your equipment.


· designed to support up to 350 kg gross weight

· 2.5 metres long 1.5 metres wide

· weighs only 60 kg bare and 110 kg when complete with galvanised frame

· 4 tether points built into the frame corners.


Mud Legs: If you are pumping a shallow dam or pond where a liner must be protected from the pump or the pump must be protected from the mud on the bottom of the pond, the Reeve Pontoon Mud Legs hold the pontoon and pump off the bottom of the dam during low water levels.