B.R. Reeve Engineering have been building and supplying Australian farmers and industry with the Reeve range of effluent and sludge pumps for more than 50 years. The unique, innovative design has stood the test of time and continues to be the Pump of Choice for pumping out pits and ponds across Australia.


The Reeve Vertical Cantilever (VC) Pump is the benchmark for reliable pumping of agricultural and industrial effluent from pits and ponds. The Reeve philosophy of building products that last ensures that your pump is with you for the long haul.

Drive Options

A wide range of drive packages are available ranging from 2.2 kW to 7.5 kW in single phase and from 2.2kW to 11kW in three phase motors. All motors are modern high efficiency E3 motors to provide the highest output at the lowest running cost.


The Reeve VC pump uses a belt driven arrangement that allows the pump performance to be tailored to meet your specific discharge head and flow capacity requirements. A simple, low cost pulley change can be made in situ to optimise your pumps performance should you application needs change.

Long Life

Our heavy duty sealed bearings are located at the top of the pump ensuring they remain clear of the pumping liquids at all times. They are further protected by a dual shaft seal to protect them from moisture. Our bearings are selected to manage the high loads from pumping and provide long life under continuous, heavy workloads.

The wet end of the Reeve VC pump is free from mechanical wear as there are no bushes, bearings or rubbing seals. Our innovative impeller design creates a high pressure zone behind the impeller which acts as a hydraulic seal to ensure the pump stays primed and water is directed securely through the pump discharge port.

Running dry is no longer a concern for Reeve VC pump owners as there are no rubbing components that require lubrication from the pumping liquids. Should your level switch fail in the middle of the night, rest easy your pump will be ready to go in the morning regardless of how long it may have been running in an empty pit. Ne expensive repairs necessary.

For corrosive applications we can supply a pump manufactured with all wetted parts in 316 stainless steel. We can also supply hard wearing impellers and stainless steel wear plates for increased life of the pump bowl components particularly were the pumping liquid is high in abrasive particles.

High-Flow Impeller

The Reeve VC impeller has been designed to maximise efficiency while passing through large lumps of semi-solid matter, sand, gravel and small stones. It also is able to break down straw, grass and semi-solid lumps ensuring trouble free operation in the most demanding conditions.


The Reeve VC Pump can be mounted on pit walls, suspension frames and floated on one of our pit or pond pontoons. The swing up mounts allow for easy maintenance of the wet end of the pump. For larger motors, our inverted motor mount uses the motor as a counterbalance weight to ease the effort

required to tilt the pump out of the pumping liquid for maintenance. As us for ideas on mounting your pump to ensure ease of operation and maintenance.

Further Options

· Stainless Steel Wear Plates

· Stainless Steel Impeller

· Full Stainless Steel for Wetted Components

· Inverted Motor Mounts